Morgan Kay
WordPress Developer

I have over 10 years of WordPress experience, including developing themes and complex plugins.  I am a WordPress community organizer and WordCamp speaker.  I am looking for a full-time, remote, back end and front end WordPress developer position.

Work Experience
May 2018 - Present
Concierge Engineer

Pressable, a managed WordPress host, has a Concierge team that works closely with Automattic's Special Projects team to build custom WordPress sites for high-profile organizations and individuals as a way of boosting WordPress.  I write custom themes, customize existing themes, troubleshoot migrations, and maintain sites.

April 2016 - February 2018
Code Ranger

Range is a WordPress design and development agency.  As a member of Range's development team, I worked closely with clients to identify their needs and the best solutions, developed themes and plugins, marketed plugin products, and provided technical support for plugins.

Tech for Campaigns
2017 - Present
Volunteer Web Developer

Tech for Campaigns is an organization that matches tech-savvy volunteers with Democratic candidates for various offices throughout the US.  Last year, I helped build a website for Hala Ayala, who ran for the House of Delegates in Virginia and unseated a Republican incumbent who ran a blatantly racist campaign.  I am currently working on building a WordPress theme with accompanying Gutenberg blocks that will be the basis for all of the WordPress sites that TFC builds over the next few years.

WP Stagecoach
August 2013 - Present
Co-Founder, Project Manager

WP Stagecoach lets you create a staging copy of your WordPress site with one click, and import changes back to your live site.  In its early stages, I did the front-end development, marketing, and support.  Now I have a project management role.

WordPress Community Team
2014 - Present
Volunteer Community Organizer

I started out by helping organize WordCamp Seattle 2014.  I was the lead organizer for WordCamp Seattle 2015, and that year I also took over as the lead organizer for the Seattle WordPress Meetup group.  In 2017, I moved to Bellingham, WA, and have been the lead organizer for the Bellingham WordPress Meetup group ever since.  As an introvert, I find community organizing exhausting, but it is really rewarding to see people come together and learn.  The friendly community is one of WordPress's major strengths.

WP Alchemists
January 2009 - April 2015
Founder, WordPress Developer

WP Alchemists is a WordPress development agency and managed WordPress hosting provider.  I am the founder and lead developer, and I have hired and managed other developers to help with large projects.  Under WP Alchemists, I have developed well over 100 WordPress themes and over a dozen plugins.

Chamber Dashboard
August 2014 - April 2015
Lead Developer

Chamber Dashboard is a series of plugins designed to meet the needs of chambers of commerce. These plugins allow chambers to display a business directory on their website, display an event calendar and sell event tickets, collect membership payments, and track members' activities. I worked closely with chambers of commerce to develop these plugins to suit their needs.

Online Medieval Sources Bibliography, Fordham University
June 2004 - Present
Assistant Editor

OMSB is a searchable database of modern editions of medieval primary sources, built in PHP and MySQL.  I am the main developer.  I also help edit the content and make policy decisions, as well as advise the Medieval Studies Department at Fordham on matters relating to WordPress and their internet presence.

University of Washington
September 2007 - May 2008
Part-Time Lecturer

I taught two upper-level history courses: History of England, 1066-1485 and History of Late Medieval Europe

Fordham University
March 2003 - May - 2006
Teaching Fellow and Graduate Assistant

I taught a Freshman survey course: European History from the Enlightenment to the Present.  I performed various administrative duties for the Medieval Studies and American Studies departments, including the maintenance of several websites.

Oberlin Historical and Improvement Organization (OHIO)
June 2001 - February 2003
Museum Fellow

I designed and created the museum's first website.  I also gave tours of the museum, oversaw volunteers, and conserved documents and artifacts.

Fordham University
2005 - 2011
PhD Candidate, Medieval History

Dissertation topic: "The Manuscript Context of Medieval Welsh Prophecies"

Fordham University
2003 - 2005
MA, Medieval Studies

Thesis topic: "The Word Incarnate and the Textual Authority of Women"

Oberlin College
1997 - 2001
BA, History, Musicology, and English