In addition to my work, I am involved in several volunteer projects that are related to my skills as a developer and my involvement in the WordPress project.

Volunteer Projects
WordPress Community Code of Conduct2017 - Present

For several years now, there has been discussion of creating a WordPress Community Code of Conduct that would apply to all spaces where WordPress people interact, in person and online, along with clear procedures for reporting incidents and enforcing the rules.  This is really important to me: our community cannot thrive without diversity, and diversity cannot happen unless everyone feels safe, welcome, and accepted.

Tech for Campaigns2017 - Present

Tech for Campaigns is an organization that matches tech-savvy volunteers with Democratic candidates for various offices throughout the US.  Last year, I helped build a website for Hala Ayala, who ran for the House of Delegates in Virginia and unseated a Republican incumbent who ran a blatantly racist campaign.  I am looking forward to helping again in 2018.

WordPress Community Organizing2014 - Present

I started out by helping organize WordCamp Seattle 2014.  I was the lead organizer for WordCamp Seattle 2015, and that year I also took over as the lead organizer for the Seattle WordPress Meetup group.  In 2017, I moved to Bellingham, WA, and have been the lead organizer for the Bellingham WordPress Meetup group ever since.  As an introvert, I find community organizing exhausting, but it is really rewarding to see people come together and learn.  The friendly community is one of WordPress's major strengths.